Monday, June 30, 2008


*Takes a deep breathe* Aw, there is nothing like the smell of senseless violence in the morning.

Every time my husband and I get out of a movie we ask "So did you like it?" This is the opening for our little banter about directing, steady cam action, acting, visual effects, and all that jazz. I guess you could call us amateur movie critiques.

So we walk out of the theatre and I ask, "So, did you like it?" He responds "I don't know." No truer statement has ever been spoken. I can usually let a movie marinate in my mind and come up with an opinion with in a few days (hence the reason I wait a few days to post after seeing a movie)...but this time it doesn't work like that. I have waited and still all I can think is "I don't know"


So this time I'm just going to say, if awesome visual effects and stunts are your thing, then see it. If plots and character developement, then don't.

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Melissa said...

I really wanted to see "Wanted".... now I am not so sure. What is the story line?