Monday, June 23, 2008

I am the Dragon Warrior!

Before I give my little shpeel on Kung Fu Panda, I'd like to share a little story...

My sophmore year of high school, I earned a nickname like non other.....Puddles. For one reason, or another, I was born with the inability to hold my bladder. *pauses for giggle*. Yes, that is right, my friend, I have been known to pee my pants at the drop of a hat (or a joke, etc). Its not just me either! Its a family trait. So, my sophomore year of high school, I had Landon at my house after a debate practice. We had just eaten enough pb&j sandwiches to feed Etheopia and dranken a cow's worth of chocolate milk when I was showing him our prized Elvis phone.
When called, the Elvis phone would ring out "Hounddog" and he would dance. Well, Elvis' leg popped off, and Landon had tried to secure it back on. However, he had re-attached Elvis' limb backwards and so Elvis' dance was, well, hilarious. BAM! I hit the floor, trying not to tinkle, and then, realizing my attempts were futile, I booked it to the bathroom down the hall. But I was too late.

Landon and Twitch (our friend, not Elvis) from then on referred to me as Puddles.

You see, it is this trait that makes me a Dragon Warrior. Po, like me, is in danger of peeing when tickled. Thank you Hollywood! I am not alone!

Kung Foo Panda, the best thing since Madagascar. Thats saying something since it is common knowledge that Madagascar is my favorite animated movie and I have a giant poster of the penguins.

Also, I finally understand where Mortal Kombat got its moves from. Tanya, Raiden, Scorpian, all of them have their own Kung Foo Panda counterpart....too bad Tigress didn't finish anybody off by wripping their arm off, smacking them over their head, and then pulling their head off in one swift movement.

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Melissa said...

Looks like I will have to see it! And I didn't know you pee your pants when you laugh hard!