Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tony Stark for President

No, your eyes aren't blurry. No, I didn't mean Tony Blair (he can't run anyway). Yes, that's right, Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, should run for El Presidente of Estatos Unidos de America. My reasons are as follows--Tony Stark is intellegent, intelligent enough to create a flying suit of metal.-Tony Stark has a mind of his own and can give a speach containing words that are in the English language. Example:Jim Rhodes: [whispering] Just stick to the cards, sir.Tony Stark:[holds up his notes and pauses, then puts them down]The truth is...I am Iron Man.-Tony Stark likes cheeseburgers-Tony Stark has a sense of humor that isn't only appreciated by people from Texas.
Now for my view on the movie itself...
First, I must say, I have to give a kudos to Burger King for the amazing product placement! *Takes of imaginary hat* Burger King really should have pushed IronMan more so than Indiana Crapfest....Photobucket

In fact, I think I want a whopper....mmmmmmm....whopper and fries and a coke...

Mr Downey Jr is absolutely fabulous. I haven't seen quick wits like his since the Gilmore Girls.


The best part of the whole movie, no exceptions, no questions, is the always present voice of my main man, the imaginary love of my life, Paul Bettany. *SIGH* I saw the movie twice just to hear him recite off the power supply. Call me Paul!


See it. Don't ask questions. Ignore the fact that Robert Downy Jr has been annoying in the past. Go now and watch it.

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