Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Curse of the oddly shaped skull

I would like to take a moment and thank Lucas and Speilburg...for without them I would lack valuable knowledge that will now stick with me for the rest of my days...
1. When you have a big enough budget and a dedicated fanbase, anything goes....anything.
2. One may be saved from an atomic bomb by getting into a refrigerator.
3. Motorcycles are safe means of transportation when going from the periodicles to adult fiction.Photobucket
4. Spidermonkey's are our friends...not the rabies and HIV infested creatures who cratch out peoples eyes.
5. Swinging from vines is easy
6. Do not pick a staring contest with a crystal will lose and then end up speaking murmish...or german...I couldn't really tell.Photobucket
7. Knowing everything will make your head explode...especially when you have a bad haircut and too tight pants. (I came up with a solution to the problem....wear sweatpants and don't get a haircut and possibly don't shower...I believe if these steps are taken, one might be able to survive knowledge overload)
8. El Dorado is not a creepy molestation farm, but an ancient city filled with people who seem to live in ruins and sharpen spears all day.
9. It is located in Brazil, not South Dakota as Jon Turteltaub might have you believe. (I assume Brazil because of the poor cutting to of that halfcircle waterfall which is in Brazil)
10. Military vehicles from the 1950's are suprisingly buoyant.

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