Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Incredible Hulk learns Portuguese

*Note: My husband provided all Portuguese translations
Hello, and welcome to "Bruce Banner learns Portuguese." Now you too can learn to speak fluent gringo-portuguese. Now, introducing our host, Dr. Banner.Photobucket
Lesson One: How to warn people your little green monster is coming out.
"Voce nao vai gostar de mim quando eu estou com raiva"
Lets all repeat together now
"Voce nao vai gostar de mim quando eu estou com raiva"
Cabecao Class!!! Take a break, students, you've done very well!
Now I will divvy up my opinions in the good ol' fashion Good, Bad, Ugly style
The Good- O Bom:

  • Edward Norton- One of my favorite actors, and my number one in the "3 people you could guilt-free go on a date with if ever given the opportunity" (Paul Betany is #2 and Colin Firth #3) He is the bomb digity and his superior acting skills make this movie.

The Bad- A Mal:

  • Call me crazy (please don't, my ego can't handle it) but isn't it a pointless to denounce a man as your father when you a) Don't treat him like you father b) Never talk about him c) have cut him out of all aspects of your life. Some one, isn't he already not family?

The Ugly- O Feio:


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